Regulatory Compliance


01. Regulatory Compliance

The environment, health, and safety world are an enormous maze of complex regulations, reporting requirements, and permit processes that can overwhelm even the most knowledgeable professional. Constraints on time, experience, budgets, and staff can make it difficult if not impossible to maintain 100% compliance with in-house resources.

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02. NEPA Services

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) focuses on the impact of proposed actions (construction) on natural, urban, historic and cultural resources. If the action is entirely or partly financed, assisted, conducted, regulated or approved by a federal agency, a study must be conducted to determine the resource impact.

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NEPA Services


Environmental Site Assessments


03. Environmental Site Assessments

Conducting an environmental site assessment (ESA) has become a common business practice for purchasers and lenders involved in commercial and industrial real estate. Completion of an ESA during the due diligence stage can allow affected parties protection under the Innocent Purchaser Defense in CERCLA/SARA, providing that “all appropriate inquiry” was taken at the time of acquisition. Blackshare's ESA is designed to do just that.

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04. Site Investigation & Corrective Action

A remediation strategy for any given site must balance the need for risk reduction to human health and environment while minimizing the financial impact of cleanup costs. Alternatives should be explored and presented that take into account factors such as:

  • Cost
  • Sensitive Receptors
  • Time
  • Future property use
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Client risk tolerance
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Site Investigation & Corrective Action


Safety & Training


05. Safety & Training

OSHA compliance and training requirements are taking a larger share of the EH&S manager’s work load. Most EH&S managers clearly understand the economic benefit of an excellent safety record and well trained employees. Employee wellbeing, lower insurance rates and increased productivity are just some of the benefits that companies obtain from a strong safety and training program.

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06. Field & Support

Services that are not in the mainstream of environmental compliance and assessment can be some of the most important – whether dealing with a spill, the public regarding a controversial issue, or the opposing party in a lawsuit. Providing the correct response in any of these situations can make life a lot easier in the future and Blackshare has extensive experience in all of these areas.

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Field & Support


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