Environmental Services


What environmental services can Blackshare help me with? Blackshare Environmental Solutions is a full-service environmental engineering and consulting company that assists clients in complying with environmental, health, and safety regulations. Our...

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Remediation Management Services


How can Blackshare help my company reduce regulatory and remediation issues? Environmental risk is as much about business as it is technical, regulatory, and remediation issues.  To minimize this risk, environmental professionals are called upon to...

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Compliance Service Manager


Could using a Compliance Manager Service be the right choice for your business? Outsourcing environmental, health and safety compliance can make the most economic sense for industrial facilities that do not require the creation of a new position or the...

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We're Open


We're Open! We're an essential business serving essential businesses. Regulatory Compliance First wave of annual reporting done, the next one is looming. With Tier II reporting and stormwater Annual Comprehensive Site Compliance Evaluation Reports...

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