NEPA Services

NEPA Environmental Assessment Services

NEPA Environmental Assessment Services

Whether it’s an environmental clearance, a wetland delineation, an Environmental Assessment (EA), or a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Blackshare has the skilled staff and experience necessary to help clients through the permitting and NEPA process. Our staff has provided these services on pipelines, railroads, highways, telecommunication towers, corridors, airports, Native American gaming facilities and road improvement/bridge projects, and even on a proposed wind farm project.

NEPA Environmental Permitting / Clearances

The Blackshare staff has permitted and cleared literally thousands of miles of corridor and numerous area projects. Blackshare Environmental is experienced at negotiating and working with all of the agencies critical to the permitting process.

NEPA Screens / Environmental Assessments (EA)

NEPA Screens / Environmental Assessments (EA) / Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

Depending on the level of effort required by the jurisdictional agency, we can provide a cursory review of NEPA issues or can manage a complete EIS which includes project alternatives, an assessment of the affected environment and the environmental consequence of the proposed action, plus any mitigation required.

Environmental Biological Evaluation

A BE typically consists of a wetland/waterway evaluation and a T/E species habitat survey. Blackshare has extensive experience with BEs and their respective components as follows:

  • Wetlands/Waterway Delineation & Permitting
    Blackshare can provide wetland identification, delineation, and planning utilizing trained wetland specialists. Blackshare also assists clients with construction permitting including Section 401 and 404 permits issued through the Nationwide and/or Individual Permit Programs.
  • Threatened and Endangered T/E Species Survey
    Blackshare assists clients in complying with the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Studies can include literature research and correspondence with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, state fish and wildlife agencies, and a field reconnaissance to obtain information of sensitive and critical habitats.
Cultural Resource Evaluation

Cultural Resource Evaluation

Blackshare helps clients comply with Section 106 requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act and is accomplished at working with State Historical Preservation Officers (SHPO) and Native American Tribes.

NEPA Construction Inspection

Blackshare routinely provides services during the construction phase - after the planning, evaluation, and permitting tasks are complete – to ensure construction follows all permits, BMPs, restrictions, and any other environmental conditions that must be followed. Blackshare’s NEPA inspectors are often “first in, last out” on a daily basis.

FERC Report

FERC Reports

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requires a specific scope and format for projects under their jurisdiction. The Blackshare Environmental staff has in-depth experience with FERC Environmental Reports and FERC 7C Reports which are a compilation of individual resource reports.