Regulatory Compliance Services

regulatory compliance services

The staff members at Blackshare are considered experts in regulatory compliance and permitting. We continually help clients with regulatory issues, permitting, and reporting necessary to stay in compliance. We also routinely help clients with compliance in the following laws and regulations:

  • RCRA
  • CWA
  • CWA
  • OSHA (see Safety & Training)
  • POTW
  • SPCC
  • TSCA

Listed below are some of the more common regulatory compliance services provided:

Regulatory Compliance Permitting

Blackshare has extensive experience in the preparation of both simple and complex permit applications. In addition, we are familiar with calculations, supporting documentation, forms, and format preferred by regulators and can assist in the following areas:

  • Construction and Operating permits including Title V
  • Synthetic Minor
  • NSPS
  • PSD
  • NSR
  • BACT Analysis

permits/clearances normally for construction including wetlands disturbance permits (see NEPA Services)


RCRA treatment, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste

  • NPDES - direct process wastewater discharges including storm water
  • POTW - indirect wastewater discharges to sanitary sewer systems
Surface Impoundments
  • Total retention
  • Flow-through
  • Sand & gravel
  • Rock
  • Marble
Regulatory Compliance Plans

Regulatory Compliance Plans

Blackshare also excels at preparing plans, many times to comply with various permit or other regulatory requirements such as:

  • Storm water pollution prevention (SWPPP)
  • Solvent toxic organic management (STOMP)
  • RCRA contingency
  • Risk Management Planning

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Blackshare can assist clients with numerous types of reporting such as:

  • Air emission inventories (AEI)
  • Form R – Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)
  • Tier Two’s
  • POTW and/or NPDES periodic monitoring reports (DMRs)
  • RCRA Quarterly and Bi-annual reports
  • CERCLA & SARA spills
  • Voluntary self-disclosure for non-compliance
Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Blackshare routinely advises clients on a wide variety of regulatory compliance matters – essentially becoming an extension of in-house staff or outside expert. Examples of things that clients call for advice on are:

  • RCRA compliance procedures
  • Waste profiling, sampling, and disposal options
  • Assistance with completing manifests
  • Day-to-day regulatory compliance questions
  • Short notice regulatory inspection representation

Regulatory Compliance Audits

Blackshare can conduct a comprehensive audit to determine compliance status with environmental and safety regulations at a given facility. As a follow-up, we can provide options and cost estimates to achieve regulatory compliance and reduce liability. We will also conduct third-party audits of waste contractors to help clients minimize their liability under RCRA/CERCLA.