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Posted : Friday, April 9, 2021
Edited By : Melissa Massey
Monday, March 29, 2021

Remediation Management Services

Melissa Massey

How can Blackshare help my company reduce regulatory and remediation issues?

Environmental risk is as much about business as it is technical, regulatory, and remediation issues.  To minimize this risk, environmental professionals are called upon to evaluate and develop solutions that involve a wide variety of factors.  Providing a common-sense approach to complex problems will often result in the best alternative.  Understanding the intimate details and approaching the problem with the “end in mind” for our clients will achieve this objective.

Managing environmental issues is a complex process that involves multiple parties with varying levels of responsibility.  These parties do not interact frequently and have conflicting agendas which can cause tremendous strain from a financial and legal standpoint.  Using our experience in dealing with RCRA, CERCLA, NEPA, CAA, CWA, OSHA, Brownfields and USACE requirements, Blackshare Environmental can develop solutions to meet the needs of our clients before a problem arises or in response to an environmental condition.  We assist our clients by “walking in their shoes” in order to provide economically feasible and technically sound options.  Our unique approach allows our clients the opportunity to develop the final objectives with “the end in mind”.  

Blackshare will provide technical, regulatory and remediation expertise to assess an environmental condition or problem in order to develop practical and economical options for our client. Various alternatives are reviewed thoroughly with our clients to understand their objectives from the beginning. 

What Remediation Services can I expect from Blackshare?

Evaluation of Alternatives and Budget Analysis

Our team can develop environmental solutions for a variety of environmental issues involving industrial, commercial and municipal projects.  A comprehensive scope of work and budget estimate will be prepared for each option in order to provide our clients with the benefits of understanding the short-term and long-term effects of each.  Constructability reviews and value engineering are also performed to match our client’s specific needs.    


Design/Build Approach

Many of our clients prefer a “big picture” approach to solving environmental issues in order to save money, reduce project schedules and satisfy internal corporate objectives.  We work closely with our clients to determine if the Design/Build approach is feasible and meets their fiscal requirements, risk tolerance and time constraints.  If this path is selected, Blackshare will assemble the internal and external resources to perform the required services for our clients.   


Contract Coordination and Management

We assist our clients with the procurement process by crafting a project strategy that will deliver the most efficient and timely solution.  Our remediation management specialists can prepare logical bid documents, develop remediation/construction sequencing, coordinate competitive bidding and evaluate bids for contract award purposes.  We can also assist with enhancing the overall schedule by pursuing long-lead time supply or equipment delivery options.


Project Management Structure   

Blackshare uses a specific management structure for each project that incorporates planning, budget controls, scheduling and administrative tasks in order to provide comprehensive project monitoring and reporting functions.  This structure enhances communication and decision-making to allow for consistent information flow, records management, logistical procedures, risk management and health and safety compliance.  Maintaining this structure from beginning to end for each project provides the most efficient, cost effective and safest option for our clients.

Our team at Blackshare Environmental Solutions is highly qualified to help you with any and all remediation services.  Our goal is to provide you with efficient and affordable service. Give us a call at (918) 388-0970 or visit our website at and find out how we can be of service to you!  Come experience the Blackshare difference!

Derek T. Blackshare

CEO & President